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With a experience of more than 30 years in the market, SUAVIPIEL has turned bath and cosmetic sponges, bath mitts and gels into a true and effective complement for the health and beauty of your skin. We are completely committed to the development of products which provide cleanliness, relaxation, light and vitality to women’s and men’s skin. We make tools which contribute specifically to increase the energy and welfare of all our clients.

Working carefully

Our main goal is skin health, beauty and care, and we work for it every day. Investigating. Innovating. Affectionately developing products which are adapted to each need and to each type of skin. Providing quality ideas and solutions, completely reliable. Making the difference.

Pampering the environment

If skin is the planet inside which everybody lives, environment is the cosmos comprising everybody’s skins. It is the atmosphere from which each skin breathes and nourishes, the universal membrane from which its health and energy depends. Therefore, taking care of the environment surrounding us is fundamental, not only for achieving balance and harmony with nature, but also, and secondly, for ensuring life quality of our skin. Our main practices for respecting the environment are:

  • We reduce in origin the consumption of products and energy.
  • 0 We recycle generated residues and we reintroduce them in the production chain of other sectors or activities.
  • We reuse residues of the different processes and give them a new use.

Our people

Our workers are the fundamental base of our company. The involvement of each worker in well done work is transmitted and reflected in all our products.

And you

You are our main priority. All our efforts are focused in providing what is best for your skin and in looking after each of your needs. Yours and those of people from the society we belong to. That is why we also support and co-operate with different social projects with a local scope.

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