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The moon lives under your skin

Skin is a projection surface which shows who we are and how we feel. Scenery of our individuality. An enormous visit card that we give in wherever we go.

Pablo Neruda said: “The moon lives under your skin”. He was not exaggerating. Skin is an extraordinarily complex organ, the greatest of human beings. It performs multiple functions.

It has three layers. The first layer, the most superficial one, is the epidermis. It is the place where epithelium cells are formed; these cells are responsible for the skin regeneration process, which lasts approximately 28 days. Epidermis is more or less thick depending on the type of skin and it has no vascularisation.

The second layer is the dermis. It has an elastic and fibrous connective tissue, and provides firmness and elasticity to our skin. In the dermis, we can find nerve endings, blood vessels, fibroblasts, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, etc. In it, collagen and elastin are formed.

The third layer, the deepest, is the hypodermis. It is formed by an adipose tissue in which we find the adipocytes: cells that store fat which is an energy reserve for our organism. This layer is much thinner in the cutis than in other areas of the body, such as thighs or hips.

Covering the epidermis, we have the hydrolipidic layer, which serves as a protection and avoids dehydration.

Skin, as you can see, is a sophisticated, sensitive, fragile organ, essential for our organism. Therefore, you can take care of it and protect it, nourishing it and always keeping it clean and moisturised.

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